Homeless vagabonds are worthless

This tells it like it is. Many treated me as worthless when I was on the streets. I survived yet many memories still bring pain. Keep sharing and ten logging this. It is of value, as all people are!


If you are looking for the definition of a vagabond or the difference between what a dictionary definition deems the difference between a vagabond and one who is homeless, you may, as I did, get a shock when you turn to the popular dictionary.com site which is used by thousands online as both a place of reference as well as thesaurus and definitions of words.

It is for this reason I am personally appalled to see the use of the word “worthless” to define a vagabond.

Vagabond:  “acarefree,worthless,orirresponsibleperson;rogue.”

It gets even worse; when you highlight the word “worthless” which takes you to that site’s definition of that word: “withoutworth; ofnouse,importance,orvalue;good-for-nothing: “aworthlessperson;aworthlesscontract” is provided. Are you kidding me???? 

A worthless ‘person’? Really? Since when did the word worthless refer…

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