Fran’s Restaraunt. My Sanctuary. 


99 cents, all you can eat spaghetti. What a deal that was. Many of us spent time panhandling a couple of bucks and boom…… Pig out time at Fran’s Spaghetti Cellar. 

First they brought fresh bread and butter. Italian loaf. This was living the high life. In a while a huge bowl of spaghetti and sauce. Parmesan cheese and chili peppers. God gracious it tasted like heaven. 


First bowl was heaping, second kind of heaping, third bowl not so much. Fourth was a few forkfuls  and you get the picture. Record was 14 bowls apparently. Unconfirmed. I never made it past 9. 

The Spaghetti Cellar is no longer but the memory of this occasional break from the streets remains cherished. The smells, sounds and friends sharing the table made this a special place for many a homeless soul during the 70’s and 80’s. Bon Appetite!


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