Happy Guy!…Me

Not the Norm!

Me today, Biker, Pastor, Blogger, and Happy Guy!

So hopefully you are enjoying my blogs. I’m not a writer, journalist, or literary genius by any stretch of the imagination. Just a guy who started life, or should I say adult life, on the fringe of society.

The fringe I am referring to is the life of a street kid, hippy hitchhiker, that ended up trapped for fourteen years in the world of homelessness.

I’m not complaining, and my blog is my way of sharing the many experiences I have been blessed to have lived.

Today when I reflect on days long passed, I give thanks, not only for what I have been blessed with now, but for all of the lessons and insights that have become an integral part of who I am.

My Pulpit

My Pulpit

Would I change my life as it was and is? No, absolutely not.  There are things I may have said or done that hurt others, and these I would change. The thing is, no one can change the past. If we are lucky we may get the chance to say we are sorry to those we have hurt, but often that opportunity is long past. It is what we can so to better ourselves, thus subsequently we change the future for the better.

Today I am married, live in a nice condo, have a car and a motorcycle, awesome grandkids, and a life that not so long ago seemed unattainable.

I am a security consultant and manager, pastor, professional clown, and a happy guy. Life ain’t perfect but it is a beautiful thing.

The transformation from street kid and homeless wanderer to my social position today was fraught with many failed attempts, small victories, moments of every emotion possible, and finally victory! 

My last comment is this… Do something good for a perfect stranger often. Each one of us has a story! Your acts of kindness and charity may change the world, and if not the world, then a life. We can all make a difference.


An ounce of love cures a ton of heartache.

God bless, and by all means…keep reading, better still follow my blog.



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