An Easter Message, not the normal one!


Well here we are heading towards Easter. A time to celebrate Christ’s passion. The sacrifice given freely. We will get all emotional watching Easter films, listening to sermons and spending quality time with family. None of these things are bad, actually they are good and should be a part of everyone’s lives.

The thing that troubles me is as we sing hymns of praise, get warm fuzzy feelings, as we talk about the ressurection of our Lord, we will forget about the lost and marginalized. We may have just finished our Lentin season, staying away from chocolate as our sacrifice. We will feel that we lived up to our promise of sacrifice for Lent. Seriously?

Did we go out and seek out those who have little or nothing to sacrifice. Did we feed and cloth the poor? Why is that homeless person sitting a block away from your church shivering in the cold as we sing praises?

Will some one go to him with food and clothing?  Oh, how silly of me. There are lots of shelters and agencies to help. Its not like he can’t get help if he wants it. I donated to the churches charitable fund.

Too many Sunday Christians will sit in the pews and believe they are walking with Christ. Thing is Christ missioned in the streets, tending to the lost, the sinners, the homeless, and marginalized.

If you want to walk with Christ then expand your horizons and get out of your comfort zone. Hit the streets and do what you can. Bring food and clothing to those forgotten souls that need it. Spend time talking, not preaching, just talking to those who without you, will be forgotten again this Easter.

An ounce of love cures a ton of heartaches. Now go out and do some healing!

God Bless.


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